5 tips to help you harmonise with your fellow residents

Having a relaxed and friendly home set up can make all the difference to your university experience, so here are our top 5 tips for keeping the status quo.


  • Be clean & tidy: no-one appreciates a messy housemate, this can lead to some serious arguments and if you show a degree of aptitude with the washing up or hoover, then you are more likely to be a hit and remain on good terms with your fellow residents.
  • Be reliable with money: whether it’s buying rounds, sharing groceries or purchasing some cleaning essentials, don’t be the one who ‘will pay you back later’. Try and be generous with your money amongst your peers (not too generous mind) and your housemates will certainly appreciate you more in the long run.
  • Be fun: this doesn’t mean reeling off silly jokes all day, but if your housemates are going out for a drink, don’t be boring and stay in your room. Be sociable even if don’t always feel like it and you won’t be left out during the times when you want to be involved!
  • Introduce your own friends: This one is really useful for keeping your housemates on side, by introducing your housemates to any friends you have made from your course or on-campus you will create a more social atmosphere when you have visitors round and also this will increase the chances of being introduced to new people yourself.
  • Honesty is the best policy: Stop anything from turning into a full blown issue by communicating clearly and regularly with your fellow residents. This not only stops small things from snowballing into proper disagreements or arguments but it also ensures you all understand the little pet peeves that can set your flatmates off.

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