Top five tips for coping with an essay crisis

We’ve all been there. Time stretches lazily ahead of you with weeks to go until that next deadline. It’s all fine, you’ve totally got this under control. In fact you’re actually quite looking forward to getting started, and whilst you wouldn’t tell anyone this, you’re mildly convinced you may be the next Austen. Then, suddenly and quite rudely, everything is due in three days and two episodes of Orange is the New Black has turned into a complete re-watching of every episode.  How could Netflix let you down like this, you thought you were friends.

But never fear! Here are our top five tips for coping with, and even conquering, an essay crisis:


  1. Don’t panic, breathe.

Relax and breathe

  1. Crack out the felt tip pens, and take ten minutes with a plain sheet of paper to write down any thoughts you have.

    This isn’t a test, there’s no wrong answer- just empty your brain onto the page.

Pencils and planning

  1. Start to organize these hastily written thoughts.

    If you’re struggling, talk it through with a friend. We’re pretty sure that the saying two heads are better than one doesn’t come from nowhere, and sometimes your teachers were right when they insisted on group work.

Coffee with a friend

  1. Settle into a comfy spot, grab some healthy snacks, clear some space, and tidy away unnecessary distractions.

    A tidy space is a tidy mind…and it’ll stop you absentmindedly reading the back of the cereal box for the fifth time today.

Comfortable working area

  1. Go go go. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Start small, aim for a paragraph, take a ten-minute break.

    Starting is the hardest part, and once this is out the way it’s plain sailing. We promise.

After hard work it's plain sailing


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