Clearing 2017 – An Accommodation How To Guide

The Big Day – Clearing

A Level results day is almost upon us! If the worst should happen and you don’t get the grades you require for your course, you will automatically enter Clearing. Clearing is the UCAS system that matches universities and courses that have spaces with students looking for their ideal course. It’s worth having a look at this page before the 17th August, as it also provides information on what you can do if your grades are better than expected.

Once you have entered clearing, it’s time to start looking at what’s available and where you might want to go. Both The Guardian and The Times Higher Education have well regarded league tables where you can find more information about universities. Not only can you search by entry requirements; but also by student satisfaction results, university demographics, and staffing levels. Wherever you end up your university is going to be your home for the next three to five years. It’s important to choose somewhere that you are going to enjoy living and studying.

Finding Your Accommodation

Once your university place through Clearing is confirmed, it’s time to search for a place to live. There are a number of options available for students in the UK. The university may have its own rooms, although these are often reserved for those that didn’t go through clearing. You may also have little choice about where you live, and as these are often in lesser locations, it may not be worth the risk! The second option is to live in a shared house; although this carries the risk that you won’t know the quality of the rooms or who your housemates will be.

The third option is to live in private halls of residence. With significant choice across the UK, students can have anything they want. Whether that is your own penthouse apartment or an en suite room, the choice is yours. Private halls often give you other perks as well, such as including all your heating, electricity and water bills in your rent. Not only does this make it a lot easier to budget, there will also be no arguments as to when the heating gets turned on! With gyms, spacious communal areas, and even cinema rooms now becoming standard for many buildings, students are well and truly looked after.

If it all sounds luxurious and easy, that’s because it is! If you’re still looking for somewhere to live, take a look below at the rooms that we still have available around the UK.

Where are you going to study?

















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