Check list before your holiday!

Finally, it’s this time of the year and the holidays are coming!

Before you leave for the winter break make sure you follow this quick check list!

Clean your room before you leave

If you clean your room before you leave, if you tidy up, do the washing and wash your duvet, sheets, etc. you will feel more comfortable when you return. Can you imagine coming back and stepping into a clean and cosy room? You do not want to step into a smelly and dirty room!

Make sure you have some groceries and general products

If on your return you are planning to arrive late when the shops are already closed, make sure you have some essential items such as toilet paper, food in the cupboard, long life milk, etc.

Do not leave food in the fridge and empty the bins

Check the expiry date of the products you have in the fridge, depending on how long you are going to stay away, you may think about throwing them away as a precaution. I am sure you don’t want to come back to the smell of rotten, mouldy food, Ewww!

Lock your windows and doors

Make sure all your windows and doors are locked before you leave. Also, if you live on the ground floor you may wish to close your curtains as a precaution.

Check the tap

Do not leave the tap on or running. Check the sink and the shower. You don’t want to flood your room!.

Unplug appliances and turn the lights off

Unplug the microwave, electrical items, iron etc. and make sure you turn all the lights off.

Do not leave the heating on high

Think about the environment and save energy. Leaving the heating on would be a waste of energy and resources!

And finally, have a safe trip home and  And we look forward to welcoming you back after the holidays.

And for the ones staying… sites are organising an amazing festive programme for you to experience a wonderful holiday!

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