CRM community

We want to be the place to be YOU

At CRM Students, we have been building successful student communities by utilising the synergy between the local team; our on-site team with intimate knowledge of the site and the local students, fully supported by a wide range of specialist skills provided from CRM Students head office.

Our sites might look like halls but we offer so much more. We know that student accommodation is not just about the room - it’s about all the other stuff. Where do you go when you need those all important study groups? What about that film night you’ve been meaning to plan for ages or just those evenings when you want to chill with your mates. We try to cater for everyone. The majority of our sites have communal areas including gyms, games rooms, and cinema screens. We also always aim to include an exclusive 24 hour study area for you to use when’s convenient for you!

At CRM Students we understand you have a busy life so we want you to be comfortable with where you live. Whether you already have lots of friends, don’t know anyone at all or want some privacy. We want our community to suit you. We don’t force you to come to parties (in fact we completely get that you might not want to) but we welcome you to come to our events over the year and if you have suggestions for us - even better! What’s most important to us is that there is something for everyone.

Ultimately at CRM Students we want the building to be your place. We always take your feedback seriously and if there are any issues please do not hesitate to contact us. Click here to see our complaints procedure.