Fire Safety at CRM Students


At CRM Students we believe in placing the physical and mental welfare of our students as our number one priority. Naturally with the shocking events at Grenfell Tower, people will question whether their building is safe from a similar incident. As a result CRM Students can confirm that all of buildings that CRM Students manage comply with safety standards and are fit for residential purposes.

We have extensive fire safety systems in place in all the buildings that CRM Students manage.We are also audited by our own internal team, as well as external consultants, on a regular basis to validate and if necessary update our extensive fire safety systems, policies and procedures.

All of the properties that CRM Students manage have been specifically designed to be used by students and the modern design is very different to that of buildings such as Grenfell Tower. These properties have benefited from significant changes in fire safety, Building Regulations and coherent fire and management strategies.

All CRM Students managed properties have been approved by the relevant fire officer and we are now again working with fire authorities to undertake a full audit to even further enhance fire safety within the buildings.

All of properties managed by CRM Students comply with Building Regulations and have the necessary fire safety systems installed for that particular scheme. These include smoke or heat detectors in every bedroom and kitchen and in some properties, depending on the building design, may also include sprinklers, wet risers, dry risers and automatic smoke ventilation. All CRM Students managed properties have L (Life) class fire alarm systems and every building has a regular fire drill. All of the fire safety systems are subject to routine servicing and maintenance in accordance with British Standards and this is undertaken only by national contractors employing certified and qualified operatives.

We are members of the ANUK National Code for Larger Student Properties which independently audit every scheme and provide a further check of our systems, maintenance and policies.

CRM Students's site teams benefit from extensive training, overseen by our Health and Safety team and supported by an integrated health and safety system which ensures every system, alarm, fire-fighting equipment, and door closure is checked on a regular basis. Our team are trained to be proactive and alert management immediately should there be any risk to our students, as a result, we hope that our students feel safe at any of  our managed properties. However, should you have any more questions about the fire safety at any CRM Students property, please email us at