Safety and Security

At CRM Students, we want you to feel safe and secure at all times.

We understand how important safety and security means to students when it comes to choose a place to live. That's why we've taken our most effort to ensure that we provide the best services so that our students can thoroughly enjoy living with us.

24 Hour CCTV Cameras

24 hour CCTV is installed in all of our buildings, internally and externally.

Secure Key Fob Door Entry & Bedroom Door Locks

Key fob entry at the main entrance and communal areas. There are also locks on all private bedrooms. 

Out-of-hour Security

Out-of-hours security is managed by Service 24. If you have any security-related problems, including losing your key or getting locked out of your room, please contact the accommodation team.

First Aid

If you have an accident, please report it to the Accommodation Team (after calling an ambulance if needed). Our accommodation offices keep a first aid box but it does not issue drugs of any description.

Heat and Smoke Dectors

The kitchen and communal corridors are equipped with heat and smoke  detectors. There's a smoke detector fitted in every bedroom.

Some general safety tips...

  • All gates to the site are self closing. However please ensure that these close and lock shut at all times
  • Don’t prop the doors open – including fire doors
  • Always carry your keys and never give them to anyone else
  • Be aware of strangers on the premises – if you are not sure who someone is, ask them or alert the Accommodation Team
  • Lock your door when you are going out and keep it closed at other times – even if you are just nipping to the kitchen
  • If you see anything suspicious, let the Accommodation Team know as soon as possible
  • If your room is at ground level, or easily accessible from the ground, make sure your windows are shut before you go out. Windows will only tilt outwards and should not be opened fully.

If you're worried about the safety of any equipment in your room or the communal areas, please contact the Accommodation Team.