All you need to know as a parent

Codes of Standard (ANUK)

CRM Students is accredited by ANUK, a body recognised by all UK Universities, the Student Union and the UK Government for defining a code of standards for student accommodation. This means CRM Students has demonstrated excellence in fundamental areas such as property condition and management as well as forming sound relationships with students. With CRM Students you can be confident everything is taken care of, so you can simply move in and make the most of student life.

How to communicate with us

We know it can sometimes be unsettling when your son/daughter leave home for the first time, despite it being one of the proudest moments we understand it can be hard. As parents it’s natural to worry, we find a common one is our students not responding to phone calls or e-mails as quickly as they might have done at home. We always respect that all our students are responsible adults and are sensitive to respecting their privacy however we appreciate that some situations can be distressing. We therefore always encourage all our parents to contact the accommodation team by phone or e-mail (details available on your relevant scheme page) if you have any concerns regarding your son/daughter. A member of the accommodation team will pop over to their room to give a friendly knock on the door to check everything’s okay. If there’s any reason why we aren’t able to support your concern we will always try to direct you to the appropriate department at the University/College.

How do you allocate the room

We take booking preferences very seriously and take great pride in being able to accommodate these in most cases. There is a preference box on the booking form which allows the student to put any preferences they might have, for example friends they wish to live with, location of room within the building, same sex cluster flats. We always do our best to accommodate these preferences, if for whatever reason we can’t fulfill them we will always try to achieve one or two and notify the student if they aren’t possible.

Is there a discount for group booking

Generally speaking CRM Students do not offer group booking discount however specific schemes do sometimes run promotions throughout the year. These will usually involve some kind of cash back for the booking or a booking at discounted rate. These bookings are always for limited times only with terms and conditions applying.

Paying rent

On making a booking with CRM Students, we will ask our students to pay a £250 non-refundable booking fee (with an exception of £400 booking fee for The Sidings and £350 for Gallery Apartments). This is to secure the booking of their room and ensure it is held for you. Once the tenancy commences, this booking fee becomes a refundable deposit. It is held in the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, an independent deposit holder.  This will be refunded to the student  in full at the end of their tenancy if there are no outstanding arrears or damage to their room and/or communal areas. For more information on cancellation or payment please visit the Make a Payment section.

CRM Students Community

At CRM Students we are very proud of our successful student communities. We not only are experienced in providing fantastic Accommodation teams but also take time to ensure that we know what students want. We work with Universities, Colleges, Student Unions and other student accommodation providers to ensure that our service offering is the best for our students. Whilst our sites are similar to halls, we feel we offer so much more. We know that students are at University to not only have a great time but come out with the best degree possible- this means that we have to offer more than a room. The majority of our sites have great communal space including gyms, games rooms and cinema screens giving great opportunity for our students to have all of this at their doorstep. We also always aim to include exclusive 24 hour study area for our students to use when’s convenient for them. We also hold community events, competitions for the students who want to get involved- nothing is forced upon them but we are there for when they need.


Feeling safe and secure are paramount in all our homes but especially when your son/daughter moves away. We take great care in ensuring that all our students have the best service. We have 24 hour CCTV cameras installed at the appropriate areas on site along with secure access with key fob and bedroom door locks. We also offer a 24 hour contact number for students to be able to call should they have any concerns regarding safety & security at any point. More information about security at CRM Students can be found on our Student Security page,

Fire Safety

All of the properties that CRM Students manage have been specifically designed to be used by students and the modern design is very different to that of buildings such as Grenfell Tower. These properties have benefited from significant changes in fire safety, Building Regulations and coherent fire and management strategies. We have extensive fire safety systems in place in all the buildings that CRM Students manage. We are also audited by our own internal team, as well as external consultants, on a regular basis to validate and if necessary update our extensive fire safety systems, policies and procedures. Further information can be found on our Fire Safety at CRM Students page.

Posts & Parcels

We are proud to offer a postal service during office hours within our schemes. We always communicate the postal process to our students when they move in, however we will always make every effort to ensure that your daughter/son gets their mail safely. We always asks for students to inform the staff if they are expecting a recorded or special delivery for the site team to ensure that someone is available for the delivery. We also always ask for the student to bring some ID for when they come to collect the parcel. We recognise that the students can’t always come down themselves, we are flexible with friends picking up parcels however the student needs to contact the accommodation team to let them know in advance.

We cannot be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from accepting mail on your behalf. Although we will make every effort to ensure the students get their mail safely, we will not be responsible if recipients fail to collect their deliveries, packages are stolen or damaged due to circumstances beyond the control of the accommodation team. We also are not responsible for packages that arrive outside office opening hours or when the accommodation team are out of the office. If the students don’t collect their mail within 4 weeks it will be returned to sender.

When something is broken or doesn't work, how does my son/daughter report maintenance?

In the event that something is broken or doesn’t work in any part of the accommodation, the student needs to report the issues to the accommodation office who will escalate it accordingly. We have CRM Student recruitment maintenance wizards that work full or part time on site depending on the scheme. They are there for the hour of need - replacing light bulbs, blown fuses, blocked showers. We do also work with local contractors for isolated issues. Your son/daughter will always be given at least 24 hours notice if a maintenance operative or contractor needs to access their room. We always offer for the maintenance operative/contractor to be escorted for the jobs entirety if necessary.