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More Than Just a Room

We don’t just put you into an accommodation and leave you to it. Here at CRM Students we want your student experience to be brilliant from the moment you arrive at your accommodation. The majority of CRM sites offer a range of facilities that enable successful studying and a fun social life. This includes dedicated 24-hour study areas, communal areas with televisions, games rooms, on-site gyms and cinema rooms.

Our multi-skilled accommodation team oversee everything from maintenance and logistics to arranging social events, managing social media and even resolving disputes over washing up! They have also been known to fix bikes, and even drive a student with a broken down car to their exam. They build a community from the very foundations, always going that extra mile to ensure everyone is happy.

A Place to Be You

We understand you have a busy life, so we want you to feel comfortable with where you live. Whether you already have lots of friends, don’t know anyone at all or want some privacy – we want our community to suit you. We won’t force you to come to parties (in fact we completely get that you might not want to) but we welcome you to come to our events over the year and if you have suggestions for us – even better! What’s most important to us is that there is something for everyone. You are actively encouraged to help shape weekly activities on-site. For example some accommodation may offer free full English breakfasts every Friday, Zumba classes, cookery classes and private dining for when friends/family visit.

Ultimately at CRM Students we want the building to be your place. We always take your feedback seriously and if there are any issues please do not hesitate to contact us.

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