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The Ultimate University Packing List | CRM Students

The Ultimate University Packing List

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Leaving home for university? It’s hard to know what you need to pack, and what you should consider leaving at home. Making the transition to university might take some getting used to so it’s important to be prepared.

We know that the thought of moving away from home can be daunting and packing feels like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s an exciting time and you should have everything you need to start university. We’ve put together the ultimate student packing list of essentials for preparing for life at university.

What to bring to uni?

As a first-year student you will have a lot to think about as you move away from home. Deciding what to bring to university is probably at the forefront of your mind. We’ve created a printable packing checklist to make life just that bit easier. You can print our uni packing list and start ticking off the essentials.

Download the uni packing checklist here:

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Your uni room is where you will most likely spend the majority of your time, so we suggest making it feel like home as much as possible. Your accommodation will have the basics such as a bed, desk and wardrobe but it’s worth double checking exactly what is provided before you move-in (as well as the size of your bed). It’s up to you pack the things that will make your new room feel like home.


This will be slightly different, depending on your room choice. Sharing a bathroom? You might want to think about splitting the cost of things such as toilet paper down the line, but for now think about packing what you will need. Got your own en-suite? It’s all down to you. Packing toiletries sounds simple enough but believe it or not, even the basics can be forgotten. While you can purchase most of these items locally it would still be a good idea to pack the essentials.


Whether you’ve got a private studio or you’re sharing a kitchen in a cluster flat, it’s still important to remember to pack must-haves for the kitchen. As a student you still need to eat (don’t rely on takeaways – you’re bank balance and waistline will thank you!) so we suggest that you remember to pack everything you will need. It would be a good idea to speak to your flatmates before you move in as it might be worth splitting the list to save money.

Important Documents:

Stuck on what documents to bring with you? To start with, make sure you have packed a form of identification, a letter of confirmation from the university and a passport photo. Your ID will come in handy on nights out as well! These documents are essential for checking-in to your accommodation. We suggest that you make sure to keep your documents safe and print photocopies (paper and digital) and keep them together so they’re easy to get hold of.

Starter Packs: Packing for University

Still not sure on what to bring to university? It can be easy to forget about the essentials you need to bring with you. Make your move to university as stress-free as possible! If you’re looking to get hold of the basics in one go, checking out UniKitOut. Get everything you need to start university, and it’ll be waiting for you when you arrive. What’s not to like!

Now that you’ve got your university packing list, it’s time to open your suitcase and start gathering your belongings for the best years of your student life. Good luck!

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