5 Benefits of All-Inclusive Bills For Students

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Choosing the right student accommodation isn't always easy. Do you prefer to be closer to the university or the city centre? Are top-of-the-range communal facilities a priority? Do you want to pay bills separately, or would you rather they were included? These are just a few questions to consider, and in this post, we'll be focusing on the last one.

For many students, university is the first time they experience financial freedom. Navigating the tricky world of finance can be a shock. Taking the responsibility of paying bills out of the equation can make university a more enjoyable experience for some.

Here are five benefits of choosing student accommodation with all-inclusive bills:

1. Predictable Monthly Expenses

Student life is dynamic, with priorities shifting between coursework, social engagements, and personal pursuits. All-inclusive bills introduce an element of predictability to your monthly expenses, providing a stable foundation amid this ever-changing landscape. Knowing exactly how much to allocate for accommodation-related costs each month allows for effective budgeting, giving you the freedom to manage your finances without the anxiety of unforeseen expenditures.

This predictability becomes particularly valuable during high-stakes periods, such as exam seasons or project deadlines. With all-inclusive bills, you can channel your focus and energy into academic pursuits, extracurricular activities, and personal growth, secure in the knowledge that your living costs remain consistent. It's a strategic financial choice that aligns with the dynamic lifestyle of today's students.

2. Spend Your Money How You Want

Student life is a delicate balance of academic pursuits and personal interests, and finding time for hobbies can sometimes feel like a luxury. All-inclusive bills, by streamlining your living expenses, offer a precious gift – more time for your passions and hobbies.

With the complexities of utility management removed from your plate, you can redirect the energy and time you might have spent on bill coordination towards activities you love. If a bill came out of the blue, you might have to sacrifice a few social events you’ve been eyeing up. With all-inclusive bills, you won't have to worry.

3. Community Harmony

Shared living spaces often bring diverse personalities under one roof, and managing communal responsibilities can be a delicate dance. All-inclusive bills contribute to fostering a sense of community harmony. Without the need to divvy up bills or track individual usage, the potential for conflicts over financial matters diminishes.

You can focus on building meaningful connections with your flatmates, sharing experiences, and creating a supportive community without the added stress of financial disputes. It's a recipe for a more enjoyable and socially enriching student life.

4. Time Savings

Opting for all-inclusive bills in your student accommodation isn't just about simplifying your financial responsibilities; it's a savvy move that can save you valuable time. Managing multiple bills from various utility providers can be a time-consuming task. With all-inclusive bills, you consolidate these payments into one monthly sum, eliminating the need to navigate through different due dates, amounts, and payment methods.

Living in student accommodation with all-inclusive bills often means having access to efficient maintenance and repair services. Instead of spending time searching for external contractors or attempting DIY fixes, you can simply submit a maintenance request to the accommodation management.

5. Potential Cost Savings

When choosing accommodation, students often don’t consider bills – they only look at the cost of their room. A room in a shared house, excluding bills, may seem cheaper than a room in purpose-built student accommodation, but it isn’t a fair comparison with what you get for your money with PBSA vs. HMOs.

Without all-inclusive bills, you’ll be responsible for water, gas, electric, broadband, TV licensing, and council tax, among others. Suddenly, the cost differences don’t look so big.

As you embark on your academic adventure, the decision to choose all-inclusive bills isn't just about simplifying your financial responsibilities; it's a strategic move that enhances your overall student experience. It grants you the gift of time, the assurance of financial stability, and the opportunity to live in a community that values transparency, efficiency, and environmental consciousness.

You can find student accommodation with all-inclusive bills across the UK at CRM Students. Check out what’s available where you’re studying!

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