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Sailing For Change: A Student Journey

Sailing For Change: A Student Journey

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Did you know it is estimated that approximately 1.15 to 2.41 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year? In a world where our oceans are drowning in plastic, it often takes extraordinary efforts to raise awareness and spark change.

We are excited to share that residents at The Quarry, Leon and Beth, are determined to make a difference. This summer they will embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Their mission? To draw attention to the pressing issue of ocean plastics and inspire action to protect our seas.

With the support, expertise, and guidance of the Waikiki Yacht Club, they are soon to navigate unfamiliar waters. Their journey will span an impressive 3,000 miles from Honolulu to Vancouver Island across the Pacific Ocean, near the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) on 12th June 2024. The first-time sailors intend to use the crossing to document the issues with ocean plastics in the North Pacific to help raise awareness of this ever-growing environmental problem.

Last week they held an event at which served as a pivotal moment in their journey to inform other residents about their adventure and how they can get involved. Following the event, it has been encouraging to see that they have had a boost in social media engagement, more donations, and an increase in sales for their merchandise (purchase here). It's heartening to see The Quarry community come together to support such a crucial cause. Overall, the event was a success, not only in terms of raising awareness but also in educating other residents about the importance of being mindful of plastic pollution.

To make this journey a reality, they have set up a GoFundMe campaign. Be part of the change by joining us in supporting Leon and Beth on their expedition. This voyage is more than just a personal adventure – it’s a mission to make a difference! Together, with your help, we can sail towards a cleaner, healthier future for our oceans.


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