So it seems like there is nearly an app for everything. There is even one specifically for searching for Clearing courses. However now you are actually at University, we have created a list of apps which may assist various important aspects of your University student life.


Now to start off the list we have study apps, and we have some for both extremes that either you may be one or the other, or may go through periods of both depending on the time of the year – organised obsessed or when you don’t know what day of the week it is.

It is important to find which apps work best for you and it may not be all of them, so do not be discouraged if the first ones you try are not to your taste! Also most of these will be free so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank either.

MyStudyLife is an app planner which allows you to timetable your study life on a daily and weekly basis with reminders of tasks and upcoming lectures or exams. You are able to also keep track of other non-study based tasks an, for those who find satisfaction in the little things, you can COLOUR CODE, yes COLOUR CODE, the different categories of task!

Notability allows you to take notes by hand, voice, or through pictures. It can be tailored to however you work best or however is required. You can upload and annotate PDF’s, sketch your own images, type in textbox’s, and even then share these with other users to collaborate on tasks if needed. This could be perfect if you ever have group work assignments or simply sharing ideas. You can then create or use other people’s flashcards and test your friends with Quizlet that can turn your revision into a game and help you remember your topic.

If you are a new student then you may not be aware of the fun *cough* hell *cough* which is REFERENCING. You will have to do this for nearly every assignment to credit other academics work to avoid plagiarising. RefMe is an app which allows you to quickly search for referencing information from either scanning the barcode of a book or manually entering in information such as the book title or DOI for example. These can then also be saved onto Evernote which is another planning app to manage your projects and stay organised with notes.

Want to achieve a certain grade for a module or for the year? UniMate logs your current grades and calculates the percentage needed for your desired overall grade. You can tailor it for your own targets and use it for motivation to reach these goals! This also has other features such as a calendar and due date timers.

There is NOTHING worse at uni than your laptop crashing, misplacing a USB, or accidentally deleting your work. Back up all your documents on Google Drive to ensure everything is up in the cloud and not on just one device. Honestly, you will thank us later. The app also allows you to view anything saved from your phone at any time you need!

If you need the digital reminder of your deadlines (more than the verbal ones your lecturers are likely to give you every day) then download Exam Countdown Lite. This app will countdown to the deadline of exams or essays, sending you basic reminders when they’re coming up, and allowing you to colour code between the different projects for added organisation.


It is completely normal to get distracted or have trouble focusing every so often, particularly if your phone is right next to you. If you are looking for an incentive to put the phone down, download Forrest where you can set a timer to work and within this time you will grow your own trees. You need to pay £1.99 for this app but this money goes towards actually building real trees to help the worlds rainforests, however your own trees on the app will not grow unless you are inactive on your phone. Sustainability, and time to focus on work, what more could you want. For a similar free app, check out Flora!


Moving to a new city with new people can of course be scary, and it is never ever a bad thing to be more safe than sorry!! Here are just a few apps to help you keep your wits about you.

Circulo is an excellent app to reach 6 different close people to you if you are in a potential position of emergency or danger. It works by allowing you to send different alerts to these 6 people for different situations such as “come and get me. I need help getting home safely” or an alert for them to call you and pretend to have a fake conversation should you need. This app is currently only available on android and soon to be on IOS.

Another similar app with your safety in mind is B Safe which has various features such as an SOS button that notifies your chosen guardians and voice/video records your situation sent to the guardian’s phones also.


With no parents around to make sure you’re awake in time for lectures you can always download Alarme, the app which makes you do tasks to turn your alarm off in the morning and thus wake you up effectively. These include taking a photo of an area of your room, shaking your phone for 30 seconds, or answering a maths problem to wake your brain and your body up!

Similarly, SleepCycle allows you to keep track and monitor your patterns of sleep and ensure that you’re getting enough. We know those all-nighters in the library can be tempting, but please do not neglect the importance of sleep!


If you need to make some money on the side out of your old clothes, sell them on Depop! Or alternatively you can buy cheaper second hand clothes on there which is better for both your bank and the environment.

Fancy learning another language on the side? Check out DuoLingo which has a wide variety of other languages. These are taught to you through small tests and encourage learning through accumulation of points for completing daily lessons! They even have proof that their methods of teaching/learning are effective if you have any doubts!




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