What is 'Wellbeing Weeks'?

WELL, wellbeing is all about looking after your… being –  aka, looking after yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

For the next three weeks we will be giving examples of little things we can all do to benefit our wellbeing. Look out for the QR code around your accommodation and follow the hashtag #WellbeingWeeks for weekly updates!

Don’t forget to tag us and put #WellbeingWeeks for us to see!



Monday Motivation - Week 3

Recipe for success

Learn a new recipe and plan what to make for the week 🍳


Tranquil Tuesday - Week 3

Digital Declutter

Turn off any unnecessary subscriptions or notifications 📱


Wellbeing Wednesday - Week 3

Get flexible

Wake up and stretch for 10 minutes 🏃‍♀️


Thoughtful Thursday - Week 3

You’re great

List 3 things you like or love about yourself 💕


Friday Feeling - Week 3

Shake it off

Dance like nobody’s watching 💃🏻


Selfless Saturday - Week 3

Say cheese

Share a smile with someone new 😄


Self-focused Sunday - Week 3

Time for bed

Get an early night and recharge for the week ahead 😴



Monday Motivation - Week 2


Take some time out for a 15 minute walk and try a new place 🚶‍♀️


Tranquil Tuesday - Week 2


List what you have to do this week and their importance 🖊️


Wellbeing Wednesday - Week 2


Be conscious of drinking enough water throughout the day 💧


Thoughtful Thursday - Week 2


Write down how you’re feeling today ☺️


Friday Feeling - Week 2

Music for the soul

Create a new playlist of your favourite tunes 🎵


Selfless Saturday - Week 2

Pay it forward

Do something kind for someone else 😌


Self-focused Sunday - Week 2

Read up & unplug

Escape into a new book 📘



Monday Motivation - Week 1

What’s next?

Set some goals for the week 💪


Tranquil Tuesday - Week 1


Clean your space, throw out what you don’t need! 😇


Wellbeing Wednesday - Week 1

Rise & Shine

Make time for breakfast ☀


Thoughtful Thursday - Week 1

Happy Vibes

Write down things which make you smile 🙂


Friday Feeling - Week 1

Treat yourself

Cook and eat your favourite meal 😛


Selfless Saturday - Week 1

Share the love

Pay someone a meaningful compliment ♥


Self-focused Sunday - Week 1

Inner peace

Take 20 minutes to chill and listen to your breathing ☮